Monday, August 1, 2016

In Honor of National Girlfriend Day: Romeo Rose's Girlfriend Search

It's no secret Romeo Rose was a virgin until he was 25. At that time Mrs. Robinson "Silly Girl," a woman 17 years his senor, took him under her wing, and into his bed and showed him what's what. They were a couple for 11 years and Romeo Rose hasn't had a steady since.

In honor of National Girlfriend Day we thought it would be fun to document Romeo Rose's search for a soul mate since leaving the aforementioned Silly girl. It's been an interesting ride:

In September 2013, most of the world learned of Romeo Rose (real name Larramie Houston Busby) when he created a website offering a finder's fee to anyone who could help him find a girl friend.

The website went viral for all the wrong reasons because of Romeo Rose's racist remarks and his long and unrealistic requirements for a girlfriend.

However, before there was sleepless in Austin, there was "Alone in Austin."

Apparently the original attempt didn't work out for him because there were several more calls for a girlfriend:

This most recent attempt a couple of months ago on Pleny of Fish:

And this Craigslist ad last December:

 Remember the OK Cupid Profile?

There's more:

There's always barber college, Larry.

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