Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Despite Threats, GOMI Continues to Discuss Romeo Rose

There's a long history with Romeo Rose and GOMI (Get Off My Internets). It all began when Romeo Rose started Sleepless in Austin and Party Pants at GOMI wrote about it. The post and subsequent discussion thread are the stuff lurkers and anonymous trolls' wet dreams are made of. There were a few more posts about Larry's antics and then several whole forum threads dedicated to Romeo Rose ensued. I wasn't an active participant in the lunacy that is Romeo Rose at that time, but, damn, that was some good reading.

 Larry got  a little touchy and made a few video threats towards both the aforementioned Party Pants and "Jalamity" who was  the original owner of this blog.  Soon after his threats he became the GOMI version of Beetlejuice: In other words, hide him away and never say his name. As I mentioned earlier, I was more of a lurker than joiner at that point and was sorry to see my daily entertainment go. The gossip on the deleted threads was that something absolutely AWFUL must have happened for Party Pants to pull a thread.

Romeo Rose gloated after GOMI removed the posts and threads.

 He often brags of this success:

 I thought it was the end of Romeo Rose and GOMI, but I was wrong.

Last weekend, I began getting quite a bit of referral traffic from GOMI but I couldn't see where it was coming from. Whenever I tried to access the referral link I was told the page didn't exist.

Then something interesting happened.

On Monday I  received a series of anonymous Twitter private messages with unsolicited screenshots of a GOMI forum attached. They showed current conversation on one of the "deleted" Romeo Rose's forums! I know I'm not the only one who thought the Romeo Rose threads were gone forever. Surprise!

I'm assuming I can't access the Romeo Rose threads because they're part of GOMI's mythical "VIP" forum. I'm not a member of GOMI and don't plan on becoming one, so you're stuck with a few really boring screen shots. If you belong and want to enlighten us, you know where the comments are.

There's really not much to see here without having access to the whole thread. Your key takeaway isn't how meaningless these screenshots are but how Romeo Rose brags about how he got the best of GOMI.

 As usual, he's all hat, no cattle.

 The famed Romeo Rose"deleted" threads live in another place. A secret place. No, they're not as active as they once were, but they live. THEY LIVE!!  The participants appear to be afraid of Larry, to which I'd like to ease their fears. Larry makes threats but doesn't have the money or inclination to make good on those threats. When confronted, he'll turn tail and run.  Don't fear Larry. He's unhinged but he's only a threat to the women who he plies with alcohol or arranges to meet for auditions.

I'm assuming the crossed out bits are screen names and identifying information.

Sorry, Larry.

Thank you for sharing, High Level Hams. You made our year.

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