Monday, August 29, 2016

Anyone for a Romeo Rose Gold iPhone?

As seen on Reddit:

For our humor challenged members of the home audience, there really isn't a Romeo Rose iPhone.

Thank goodness.

 Could you imagine looking at that every time you want to sext your bae?

It's a slow news month. So sue me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

In Which Romeo Rose Admits (again) to Getting Women Drunk to Manipulate Them into Sex

Don't let the highwater flood pants fool you. This man isn't to be trusted

Every now and then I come across something regarding Romeo Rose that I haven't seen before. In  most cases he's doing something to get banned from an online forum or posting notices for pretend auditions in order to mislead women into kissing him or allowing him to cop a feel. I found something today that raised my hackles and I'm posting it as a PSA.

After yesterday's post I was sort of wondering if we overestimated Larry and if he's simply a harmless idiot who can't dress himself or sleep in a bed without someone telling him which end is up. Today's post should share as a reminder as to why no one should ever let their guard down around Romeo Rose.

Ladies, don't ever, and I mean ever, accept anything to drink from Romeo Rose.

I found transcripts of a conversation with Romeo Rose (also known as Jim Paris) presumably from a chat with the fun people at EDF2 where he again talks about how he can only get laid if he gets a woman drunk. However, he, himself, stays sober so he can "better manipulate them."  Yet he claims this isn't rape. 

First, Imma  share some pictures so you know who this guy is and why you need to turn in the other direction if you see him coming.

Now then. Where were we? Oh yes....

The following is from December 2015. Old but still recent. Warning: Some explicit language here if that sort of thing offends you.

"They are not blackout drunk" isn't a good enough reason to have sex with someone you plied with alcohol. If they had alcohol they are impaired and their judgement is clouded. A drunk woman (or even a woman who is slightly tipsy ) isn't able to give consent because she is, again, impaired.

He likes to stay as sober as possible so he can better manipulate them. I mean, if this isn't confessing to rape, I don't know what is.

Romeo Rose is "not trying to go to prison" but that's where he's going to end up. Because one day someone is going to wake up with a raging hangover and realize something just happened that wasn't cool and it's going to be Romeo Rose's ass doing a walk of shame. And if it came down to her vs. him in a court of law? Here's Larry in all his glory publicly admitting (and not for the first time) that he likes to get women drunk and "manipulate" them into having sex with him. The Internet is filled with proof of Larry's rapery. I didn't make it up and those aren't my words.

Also, it should be noted that a kiss isn't consent. A kiss is a kiss, nothing more and nothing less. A woman isn't implying she wants more when she allows a kiss, and a kiss isn't to be taken as encouragement that a woman wants to go all the way. Again, if she's drinking she's impaired and, thus, can't give consent regardless of actions or words.

So there you have it. If you see this man:

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not allow him to buy you a drink. Run. Run. RUN!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Romeo Rose: His High Heels Are Killing Him!

So when this letter from Romeo Rose came across the comments I considered leaving it in the comments and leaving it at that. But it was too beautiful to hide away like that.

  The following is a letter from Romeo Rose to a woman known here as "Not Your Bitch, RoRo." And although whether or not she really is Romeo Rose's bitch is a matter of debate in the comments section, she has some skinny on Larry and wants to share. And we're going to break that shit down for you.


There was really no reason for anyone without a seat to get there so early, either. I mean, here is a man who rarely ever travels and has a whole day free in Vegas and what does he do with it? He stands in line. At 8:00 a.m. GA is limited to 500 so it's not like he wouldn't be able to get a decent spot, right?  

Of course he had to bring race into it. Idiot.

The fuck? Why wouldn't a hotel have water? 

Dear Lord in Heaven. Am I reading this right? Did this fool choose a hotel all by his big boy self but didn't sleep in the bed because he didn't have a girlfriend to tell him it was safe or clean? 

I mean, do we need a reminder of what Larry's home looks like on a normal day? I'm sorry for the visual but Larry won't sleep in a hotel bed THAT HE PICKED OUT HIMSELF but he'll wash in this sink?

Larry needs a girlfriend to tell him if a bed is clean, but he'll sit his jiggly ass on this nasty toilet? 

Christ on a Cracker.

Moving on...

Jesus take the wheel.

How long has this man lived by himself and he can't function or enjoy himself without someone wiping his ass for him. And we're supposed to be afraid of him? Everyone makes such a big deal of how scary Romeo Rose is, and he can't have a good time without someone holding his hand.

Part of me wants to feel sorry for this fool, but then I remember who we're dealing with and I react accordingly. 


That's not a girlfriend, Larry. That's a mother. Of a four year old. Grown ass 41 year old men DO NOT have women tell them what to wear and whether or not they need to drink a glass of water. Grown ass 41 year old men know how to do these things all by their damn selves because they're GROWN ASS 41 YEAR OLD MEN. 


How does anyone have patience for this fool who doesn't even know how to buy himself a fucking bottle of water or sit on the fucking floor in a corner to take the edge off his pain? Or take off his fucking boots and stand there in his socks. 

Dude. You paid $1600 for that ticket. Go out, sit your 41 year old ass in the hallway, drink some water, and go back in when you're feeling better. $1600 is serious money.

I imagine the face of anyone standing next to Larry as he worked on that piece of gum looked something like this...

Leave it to Larry to turn something that should be a fun, pleasant experience into a such a project.  Can you imagine being his girlfriend and having to babysit his 41 year old ass at a concert. How is it possible this man can function at a job without someone standing over him all day but he doesn't know enough to buy a fucking bottle of water and sit his ass down if his feet are hurting him? No wonder his perfect girlfriend is old enough to be his grandmother.

Great thundering hippoes, Larry. Take off your damn shoes if they hurt your feet. It can't be any worse than walking around on your floor at home.

 That's right, Larry. You had to get your own fucking water. That's what grown ass 41 year old men do.  Good for you for finding the toilet without help.

What a whiny bitch. Always something to complain about.

So that was it? One night in Las Vegas and then home again, Jiggity Jig? Why, Larry. I think your pants are on fire. He made it seem like he was off on some long journey and all he had was one sleepless night in a fleabag hotel and a lame time at a concert because he doesn't know enough to leave his high heels at home.  Mercy me.

I kept thinking Larry reminds me of someone here and I finally figured out who it is. The guy reading his summer vacation essay in Sister Mary Elephant.  

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.

I mean, if someone can't have a good time because he doesn't have a girlfriend, the problem isn't the lack of girlfriend. Know what I'm saying?

 Is anyone else dying to know at which fleabag hotel he stayed?

We need to put this shit out of our misery now. I'm starting to hear violins.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Despite Threats, GOMI Continues to Discuss Romeo Rose

There's a long history with Romeo Rose and GOMI (Get Off My Internets). It all began when Romeo Rose started Sleepless in Austin and Party Pants at GOMI wrote about it. The post and subsequent discussion thread are the stuff lurkers and anonymous trolls' wet dreams are made of. There were a few more posts about Larry's antics and then several whole forum threads dedicated to Romeo Rose ensued. I wasn't an active participant in the lunacy that is Romeo Rose at that time, but, damn, that was some good reading.

 Larry got  a little touchy and made a few video threats towards both the aforementioned Party Pants and "Jalamity" who was  the original owner of this blog.  Soon after his threats he became the GOMI version of Beetlejuice: In other words, hide him away and never say his name. As I mentioned earlier, I was more of a lurker than joiner at that point and was sorry to see my daily entertainment go. The gossip on the deleted threads was that something absolutely AWFUL must have happened for Party Pants to pull a thread.

Romeo Rose gloated after GOMI removed the posts and threads.

 He often brags of this success:

 I thought it was the end of Romeo Rose and GOMI, but I was wrong.

Last weekend, I began getting quite a bit of referral traffic from GOMI but I couldn't see where it was coming from. Whenever I tried to access the referral link I was told the page didn't exist.

Then something interesting happened.

On Monday I  received a series of anonymous Twitter private messages with unsolicited screenshots of a GOMI forum attached. They showed current conversation on one of the "deleted" Romeo Rose's forums! I know I'm not the only one who thought the Romeo Rose threads were gone forever. Surprise!

I'm assuming I can't access the Romeo Rose threads because they're part of GOMI's mythical "VIP" forum. I'm not a member of GOMI and don't plan on becoming one, so you're stuck with a few really boring screen shots. If you belong and want to enlighten us, you know where the comments are.

There's really not much to see here without having access to the whole thread. Your key takeaway isn't how meaningless these screenshots are but how Romeo Rose brags about how he got the best of GOMI.

 As usual, he's all hat, no cattle.

 The famed Romeo Rose"deleted" threads live in another place. A secret place. No, they're not as active as they once were, but they live. THEY LIVE!!  The participants appear to be afraid of Larry, to which I'd like to ease their fears. Larry makes threats but doesn't have the money or inclination to make good on those threats. When confronted, he'll turn tail and run.  Don't fear Larry. He's unhinged but he's only a threat to the women who he plies with alcohol or arranges to meet for auditions.

I'm assuming the crossed out bits are screen names and identifying information.

Sorry, Larry.

Thank you for sharing, High Level Hams. You made our year.

Monday, August 1, 2016

In Honor of National Girlfriend Day: Romeo Rose's Girlfriend Search

It's no secret Romeo Rose was a virgin until he was 25. At that time Mrs. Robinson "Silly Girl," a woman 17 years his senor, took him under her wing, and into his bed and showed him what's what. They were a couple for 11 years and Romeo Rose hasn't had a steady since.

In honor of National Girlfriend Day we thought it would be fun to document Romeo Rose's search for a soul mate since leaving the aforementioned Silly girl. It's been an interesting ride:

In September 2013, most of the world learned of Romeo Rose (real name Larramie Houston Busby) when he created a website offering a finder's fee to anyone who could help him find a girl friend.

The website went viral for all the wrong reasons because of Romeo Rose's racist remarks and his long and unrealistic requirements for a girlfriend.

However, before there was sleepless in Austin, there was "Alone in Austin."

Apparently the original attempt didn't work out for him because there were several more calls for a girlfriend:

This most recent attempt a couple of months ago on Pleny of Fish:

And this Craigslist ad last December:

 Remember the OK Cupid Profile?

There's more:

There's always barber college, Larry.