Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Romeo Rose's Greatest Hits Part Two: The Facebook Years

Yesterday we shared some of Romeo Rose's best video moments. Today, we have some of his best social media moments to share with you.

Thank you anonymous Twitter DMer for sending us some fun screenshots from 2013.

Ah, yes. The GOMI Thing. Good times.

Remember when shit starting getting real so he took the coward's way out?

 And then got all butthurt when people told him to own his shit?

Or his Meet and Greets when no one showed up?

Larry's views on Freedom of Speech are always good for some LOLs

More shit that never happened

Remember when Romeo Rose moved to Austin with no place to live and no money to speak of and SG had to come set his ass up in an apartment? Ok, so technically not Facebook but it was in the same group of screen shots so I'm throwing it in.

It's not like he ever says anything remotely offensive.

He likes round houses and he cannot lie

Sorry for the visual

Don't hate the playa


 That time he pretended to be in Pittsburgh

He's titanium, yo.

Still here. Just sayin'

Famous last words.

Well that was a fun trip down memory lane, wasn't it?

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