Thursday, June 2, 2016

Warnings About Romeo Rose's "Auditions" Starting to Appear On Craigslist

It was only a matter of time, but it looks like people are starting to warn others about Romeo Rose and how he uses fake auditions to cop a feel or try and stick his tongue in someone's mouth - or worse.

  Before we get to that, let us once again share why you need to stay far, far away from Romeo Rose::

Larry admitted to having less than honorable intentions and not ever changing when he posted here as "Eddie Adams:" For those of you who didn't follow Larry's tl:dr rantings, he shared a video of his one and only horror film "audition," which we also shared. However, the mortified subject of the audition didn't give Larry permission to share - and was creeped out by the whole "audition." Out of respect for her privacy we removed the video.

Some of the comment highlights are below and you can read the rest on the post I linked to above.

 None of this is news to us, of course. We know Romeo Rose is a creeper and uses phony auditions to try and meet women. We also know he has no qualms about plying an unsuspecting women with alcohol and trying to have his way with them:

Women appear to be catching on, thank goodness. We're finding warnings on Craigslist:


If you have a creepy encounter with Romeo Rose or one of his many aliases, please consider letting others know. Education is key, and when you're vocal about meeting up with this loser you serve as a warning and cautionary tale for others. We know it's embarrassing to admit you met up with this loser, but you can be saving someone from a very bad situation.

Update 6/2/16 - Now he's calling himself Giorgio. (Archive)

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