Monday, June 27, 2016

Romeo Rose's POF Profile Is Exactly What You Would Expect From a Mentally Challenged 41 Year Old

It's always a fun day here at TNARR when we learn of a Romeo Rose dating site profile, there's just so much to ... discuss. 

Larry's POF profile is about as self absorbed and ADHD as it gets and reads exactly like what you would expect from a mentally-challenged 41 year old. He jumps from feeding peacocks at the park to how he flew to Las Vegas to see his favorite band. He has the attention span and sentence structure of a five year old:

I like going to nice restaurants. I went to the Eiffel Tower restaurant there in Vegas and had an excellent view of the fountains at the Bellagio.
As usual, it's all about him

What woman wouldn't be impressed with:

- A 41 year old man whose idea of a perfect date is to hang out in a park.
- A 41 year old man who is looking for a "girl."
- A 41 year old man whose other idea of a perfect date is to play pinball.
- A broke as a joke loser who will prioritize by skirting open container laws and buying a bottle of champagne to drink at the park because that's, you know, impressive and all.
- A man who will tell you off the bat where he stands on feminism.  
- A man who will prefer not to reveal his own paunchy body type, but will make it clear he doesn't appreciate overweight women.
- A  homophobic.
- Any man who posts a photo with Mackenzie "we never dated" Kelly on his dating profile.
- A 41 year old man who prefers not to say whether or not he has a car. Because riding the bus is so romantic. Not.
- A man who shits on the people of Austin, while looking for a "girl" who lives in Austin.
- A trucker cap wearing, Trump loving, grownup who throws out lines like this:
"I'm not really that political, I mean I'm not any sort of activist or anything like that."
- And further down he says 
"I am a pretty much traditional, conservative, Right wing, Republican that will be voting for Donald Trump because I believe he will make our economy stronger than ever. And I believe he will help bring back traditional Christian values to America as well as kick out all the illegal immigrants and make it much harder for outsiders to ever get into our country. I also hope he somehow manages to reverse gay marriage laws as well as Obamacare. "
I mean, what woman won't read this and think, "yes! This is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with!"

I am against abortion unless it's a case of incest, rape or will endanger the mothers life. I'm all for womens choice, haha, women made a choice when they opened their legs and chose to be a HO, they made their bed, lie in it, raise the kid or put it up for adoption, but do not murder it, that's not your right.

And Larry's Chemistry Test Results are as awesome as you would expect. Because like Romeo Rose himself, none of it is true. For example, did Larry really list his profession as a teacher? Because the last I checked, 6th grade dropouts don't usually get hired to teach students. Neither do Craigslist predators. And not that we needed proof, but Surprise! Romeo Rose is alive!

 Interested in a date with "smarthonestlover?"

Well send me a message and let's exchange phone numbers and I will call you up and we can talk some more and plan to meet somewhere like say a coffee shop like Halycon downtown and see if we hit it off from there to plan a actual date.

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