Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Romeo Rose Threatens Fake Suicide. Again.

What usually follows a few weeks of Romeo Rose kookiness?

You guessed it.

A Romeo Rose suicide threat.

And yet not a single tweet or online mention about this public suicide attempt. Not a single comment telling him not to do it. This is what happens when Romeo Rose speaks anymore:

Romeo Rose and his desperate cries for attention...

Normally we'd be alarmed. But every time Larry goes online and threatens to jump, someone inevitably sends the authorities, in which case Larry says he was only kidding.

Remember this one?

 And this?

 Oh yes, let's not forget this one:

 More various and sundry threats:

I'm going to say it again. Romeo Rose is the reason why real threats aren't taken seriously. Every time someone calls the police on one of his attempts they show up and nothing is amiss. Larry was just kidding and didn't really mean it. He is so slimey a septic tank is clean as a whistle compared to him.

I don't wish death on anyone, even someone like Larry. But this shit is getting tiresome, yo.

Larry isn't a stable person and one day he's going to make a threat and people will roll their eyes and say "yeah right" and what happens if he makes good on it? The public will be all "well he made public cries for attention."

He sure did.

Because that's what happens when you lie, you lie, you lie.

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