Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Romeo Rose's New Name is Blake But He's Up to His Same Old Tricks!

Romeo Rose, the Man Who Is Moving Out of Austin Forever, was just spied visiting Austin's own SRV:

Now what would Romeo Rose be doing out in the wild (dressed for winter, no less) when he's pretending to be living in either New York or Las Vegas, depending on which lying account you (don't) believe?

Could it have something to do with this? (archive)

Again with the makeout scenes?

And here's how we know it's none other than Larry Busby, A/K/A Larramie Busby, A/K/A Romeo Rose, A/K/A Jim Paris, A/K/A Michael Valentino, now known as "Blake?"

Because of eagle-eyed Austin-based actress Holly Lee who sent out a creeper alert last night:

 Visit Holly Jee's original post for clearer copies of the texts. Thank goodness she was both savvy enough not to fall for Larry's latest plea for a cheap makeout session, but she also had the sense to alert everyone.

As originally reported by Twyla!

Larry's not pleased, by the way:

He's now trying to turn everyone against Holly for reporting him (follow the thread) as if they would ever side with this loser.

 And of course there's video:

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