Thursday, May 26, 2016

In Which Romeo Rose Finds a Kitten and We Remind You of Why Romeo Rose Shouldn't Have a Kitten

So it should surprise no one that Romeo Rose, who is without WiFi due to all of his money issues, is still taking advantage of his phones video camera and posting to YouTube under the name "Dom Perignon." I'll give you a minute to roll your eyes.

And he has a kitten:

If you've seen his apartment, you can imagine what it's going to smell like after he adds a cat to the mix. Instead of digressing and giving you a bad mental picture, I'm instead going to share with people why allowing Romeo Rose around your pets is a very bad idea:

His ex-girlfriend's anonymous "friend" posted this in a guitar forum soon after their break up:

And a relative commented here:


People. Don't let Larry around your pets, kids, women, money, or people and life in general. Best he's left to fester alone.

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