Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Here's What Goes Down in a Romeo Rose "Audition"

Remember last week when we told you about this?

At the time we were pretty sure most women in Austin know who Romeo Rose is and how he preys on women under the guise of being a photographer, film maker, or documentarian using a number of fake aliases included "Blake," "Jim Paris," and "Michael Valentino."

Update - 6/1/16   - Video of the alleged "audition" was removed as Larry didn't have permission (from the woman in the video) to post to YouTube or share with anyone. We respect her privacy.

If anyone recognizes the woman in this video, perhaps it's time to be a good friend and let her know who she's hooking up with and why she should stay far, far away.

Maybe let her know what is really under that snap on smile:

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