Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Here's What Goes Down in a Romeo Rose "Audition"

Remember last week when we told you about this?

At the time we were pretty sure most women in Austin know who Romeo Rose is and how he preys on women under the guise of being a photographer, film maker, or documentarian using a number of fake aliases included "Blake," "Jim Paris," and "Michael Valentino."

Update - 6/1/16   - Video of the alleged "audition" was removed as Larry didn't have permission (from the woman in the video) to post to YouTube or share with anyone. We respect her privacy.

If anyone recognizes the woman in this video, perhaps it's time to be a good friend and let her know who she's hooking up with and why she should stay far, far away.

Maybe let her know what is really under that snap on smile:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

In Which Romeo Rose Finds a Kitten and We Remind You of Why Romeo Rose Shouldn't Have a Kitten

So it should surprise no one that Romeo Rose, who is without WiFi due to all of his money issues, is still taking advantage of his phones video camera and posting to YouTube under the name "Dom Perignon." I'll give you a minute to roll your eyes.

And he has a kitten:

If you've seen his apartment, you can imagine what it's going to smell like after he adds a cat to the mix. Instead of digressing and giving you a bad mental picture, I'm instead going to share with people why allowing Romeo Rose around your pets is a very bad idea:

His ex-girlfriend's anonymous "friend" posted this in a guitar forum soon after their break up:

And a relative commented here:


People. Don't let Larry around your pets, kids, women, money, or people and life in general. Best he's left to fester alone.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Romeo Rose's New Name is Blake But He's Up to His Same Old Tricks!

Romeo Rose, the Man Who Is Moving Out of Austin Forever, was just spied visiting Austin's own SRV:

Now what would Romeo Rose be doing out in the wild (dressed for winter, no less) when he's pretending to be living in either New York or Las Vegas, depending on which lying account you (don't) believe?

Could it have something to do with this? (archive)

Again with the makeout scenes?

And here's how we know it's none other than Larry Busby, A/K/A Larramie Busby, A/K/A Romeo Rose, A/K/A Jim Paris, A/K/A Michael Valentino, now known as "Blake?"

Because of eagle-eyed Austin-based actress Holly Lee who sent out a creeper alert last night:

 Visit Holly Jee's original post for clearer copies of the texts. Thank goodness she was both savvy enough not to fall for Larry's latest plea for a cheap makeout session, but she also had the sense to alert everyone.

As originally reported by Twyla!

Larry's not pleased, by the way:

He's now trying to turn everyone against Holly for reporting him (follow the thread) as if they would ever side with this loser.

 And of course there's video:

Monday, May 23, 2016

Romeo Rose Back in Austin, Plays "Gig" at Beerland

Will he show up? Won't he? Whether or not Romeo Rose was scheduled to play at Beerland last weekend is still up for debate, but play he did:

Eyewitnesses also reported here at NARR - in the comments on this post:

We have promises of video and will post as soon as one of them comes through.

This means, of course, that Romeo Rose is living in Austin and trolling Craigslist for women to pretend to pay to kiss him.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Possible Rare Romeo Rose Gig in Austin

Women of Austin, it pains me to tell you this, but Romeo Rose may be back in Austin. Even worse, he may have booked a gig at Beerland.

From Showlist Austin:

A look at the Beerland calendar doesn't list Romeo Rose on the calendar for that day at all, though.

We'll definitely be looking for more information...

Austinites, will you be there? Will you sit in the audience and laugh at support (and more important, video?) Romeo Rose as he plays in Austin?

For those who haven't seen Larry play before,  check out a review of his one and only gig ever. 

Thanks to Twyla for the head's up.