Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Romeo Rose is Back on Twitter and He's Still a Racist, Homophobic Idiot

Have mercy. Here we are again.

Remember when Romeo Rose promised to leave the Internet forever? Remember when he said he was going to sell all his worldly possessions and move to a place where no one would hear from him again?
Remember how much Romeo Rose lies?

We all know the untalented hack also known as Larramie Busby, Larry Busby, and Jim Paris, can't stay away. As is his usual habit, he can't just stay away or tweet quietly. No. Romeo Rose always has to be as outrageous as possible because when no one pays attention to him he gets all twitchy.

So he took to his on again, off again Twitter account (Archive for when it's off again) with more stupidity so people will start talking about him.

Ok, Larry. I'll bite. And he should appreciate it too, because this is the only action Romeo Rose gets anyway.

Here's hoping by "segregation" Larry means segregating village idiots like himself from the general population.

And the Tweets are everything you'd expect to come from Larry.

Tell us again how other people are keeping you from getting jobs and girlfriends, Larry?

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