Monday, March 21, 2016

Is Romeo Rose Making Good On His Promise to Leave Austin?

Romeo Rose is having a sale, y'all! If you ever envied his gilded, gaudy, decor and hoped to own similar pieces of your own, now is your chance.

As Romeo Rose's unique style can only be described as a cross between Liberace and turn of the century bordello, there's no mistaking ownership on some very special pieces. We spied the following awesomeoness on Craigslist:

Here's the archive for when it goes away. Look familiar? Would you like a few more angles to be sure?

Note empty Dom Perignon bottle for refilling with water to impress the ladies?
Note Romeo Rose's beloved seraphim angels?
Note filthy leather jacket and same old, same old long sleeved black shirt in the photo?
Note mess on the floor?
Note familiar keyboard on the floor?
Note familiar dark blue wall?

Who else could own this but Romeo Rose?

But wait, it gets better! (archive)

Isn't it exactly what you'd be expecting to see hanging on Larry's wall?

Hold on. You can't really see Larry's dirty socks or filthy apartment in that photo. Let's check out more:

I don't know about you, but I'd love to buy from someone who is living in filth and squalor and can't even put his footwear away to stage a photo.

We ask you, what does all this mean?

Romeo Rose is selling off his treasured possessions (which also included some of his beloved guitars). Since he hasn't been able to hold a job down for a while and the unemployment's got to be running out if it hasn't already, we're going to go ahead and assume that Larry needs money to make good on his promise to move.

Without any money or home,  Romeo Rose will probably disappear from the Internet for a while. But where will he go?

Back to W.V and Silly Girl? We think not. That relationship is over and is now restraining order history.

Back to his family in Columbus, GA? We think not. There's no love there.

Nashville? We think not. They're less tolerant than Austin.

Los Angeles? We think not.. Larry wishes he could afford L.A.

Staying in Austin? We don't feel like this is going to happen. Larry can't make a move in Austin without the whole world knowing, and he certainly can't keep a job there. Romeo Rose is over y'all, and Larry is out of money, luck, and possibilities in Texas.

Las Vegas would be our guess. Someone as flamboyant as Larry could blend in among Vegas' colorful community and he could find some low rent housing there. They have plenty of call centers too, since Larry's skilled in that career choice. He's heading there next month for GNR and we don't think he has the funds for more than a one way bus ride.

Are we right? Are we wrong? One never knows. We think Larry will lay low for a little while as he begins the familiar pattern of reinventing himself. Eventually he'll turn up again on a forum, Craigslist or dating site. Larry Busby, aka Romeo Rose, aka Jim Paris, and when he does we'll be there to say "hey."

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