Saturday, March 26, 2016

Romeo Rose is Selling His GNR Ticket at a Loss

Over the past few days we began receiving Twitter DM's from someone who claims to be a good friend of Romeo Rose's offering to share information with us about his unemployment fraud, impending eviction, and desire to high tail it out of Austin ASAP.  Then last night we received DM's from a certain frenemy of Larry's offering us the same information.


If it is, it's the kind of coincidence that smells like a cross between something fishy and a rat and we're not taking the bait.

Now then. Where were we....

Oh yes, we're sure Larry is so very disappointed to put this item up for sale on Craigslist: 
(archive version):

I'd like to offer some advice to Larry as he finds a new place to live. Be nice to people. Don't make outrageous claims, or post racist or angry ranting videos. Don't take out Craigslist ads looking to pay women for kisses or dates. Just be nice. Because contrary to what you're telling others, Juliet's Lament did not ruin your life. We only shared what you publicly put out there. Shit went bad because you decided you had to be outrageous. We didn't force you to get women drunk or wear fluffy pirate shirts.

No one from this blog ever called the police on Larry nor did we rat him out to his places of employment. We never sent the men in white coats to check in on him, nor did we (or at least I - I can't speak for anyone who comments here) follow him to forums telling his life story.  All I/we did was take stuff he made public and put it on this blog.

Larry I suggest you look in your gaudy-ass mirror if you need someone to blame.

Have a nice fucking day.

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