Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Romeo Rose is Begging for Donations to Leave Town

With no obvious takers for Romeo Rose's dreadful angel shelf, angel collection, gaudy mirror, artwork or filthy jacket, Larry's furiously lowering the prices on his Craigslist moving sale, but it's to no avail. No money in the bank, no money for rent, no job, and no prospects, so Larry is looking for you to help pay his bills and get him out of Texas.

We'll wait while you take this all in:

Sad Romeo Rose is so sad....

He aint to proud to beg, either:

When you flag a guy who C&D'd your ass to ask for money, well, that's desperation.

If you want to help pay Larry's back rent, buy him a Greyhound bus ticket to Vegas points unknown, and fund his next few months of living, send money to his Google Wallet account. Here's your chance to keep Austin creeper free.

And if that doesn't work, who knows? Kickstarter?

Edited 3/31/16 - Video and Tweets have since been deleted. We'll move quicker to archive next time.

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