Thursday, March 24, 2016

Romeo Rose Continues to Sell Off All Worldly Possessions - You Can Even Own His Filthy Jacket!

Romeo Rose's Maybe He's Moving Out of Texas Sale continues. Twyla Durden's ever watchful eagle eye alerted us to the following items up for sale by owner on Craigslist:

Larry's filthy, greasy, brown leather jacket: (archive for when it falls of of Craigslist)

 Two words. Dry. Cleaner. Ewww.

Romeo Rose's  Grandma's collection of gaudy angels:  (archive)

Don't you even try to nickel and dime him on this, people. Romeo Rose would NEVER try to get one over. EVER.

Update 3/26/16 - Now asking $700.

Romeo Rose's ever present but never played keyboard: (archive)

Oh and a print of Italy. Get it. Romeo? Verona? (archive)

Update: Now asking $100.

Think of it as owning a piece of history, people!

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