Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Romeo Rose Auditioning "Kissers" for New Film For Pretend Playboy

He's toying with us now, is that it? Romeo Rose is toying with us?

He's on a Craigslist roll: (archive)

This time he's pretending to be an experienced talent scout for Playboy.

He upped the pay from yesterday's kissing auditions but lowered the price for making out with him from his pretend Discovery Channel fiasco. And speaking of Discovery Channel, need we remind everyone how that ended?

Hugh Hefner doesn't suffer fools, Larry. 

Then there was this ad where he's offering a mere $50 for his "kissing lips" project: (archive )

$50 is not enough for letting that mouth get within 100 feet of you.

Don't hook up with Romeo Rose, ladies. The shame and bacteria isn't worth it. And if he invites you to his apartment, run far, far away.

You've been warned.

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