Thursday, March 17, 2016

In Which The Internet's Loss is Silly Girl's Gain

OMG, y'all! Romeo Rose and Silly Girl are getting back together again!!!!

Romeo Rose laid on his bed, nasty feet on his wall, belly showing, and announced that he is leaving the web forever (again) because he's getting together with Silly Girl. Apparently she has been trying to get in touch with him for ages, y'all, AGES, but just didn't know how to find him beyond an old out of use email address.

Romeo Rose is that difficult to find, y'all, since he's been laying low all these years. A true hermit.

I mean, it's not like his other email addresses haven't been around for anyone to find. It's not like she could have commented on his videos or now-defunct blogs, or followed him on Facebook. It's not like she could have called his number or answered his Craigslist ads. No, Silly Girl has been out of the picture because she had the wrong email address.

I mean,  it's not like she could have filmed a video or created a blog or her own websites to reach out to Larry.  No, this one and only email is SillyGirl's sole means of getting in touch with Romeo Rose. We won't even try to give her credit for being smarter than that. Why should we, when Larry doesn't?

Oh Romeo Rose. You're just too smart for us! Way to go getting pretend back together with a woman who wants absolutely nothing to do with you. And to think all you had to do was to put it out there that you can't get a woman unless you pay her, and act desperate online. Who knew six years of presenting yourself as a rapey, mentally disturbed, depressed individual was such a chick magnet?

Why wouldn't SG go back to a man who put all the intimate and personal details of their relationship online?

And, OMG! Here's the most romantic part, ya'll!

This glorious, romantic reunion is happening in Las Vegas at the Guns N Roses concert! 

We hope Romeo Rose will come back and give us all the blissful details. 

For example, is Larry springing for another $1600 ticket or are they going dutch?

Will Larry take the Greyhound bus back to West Virginia?

Will he try to break his record of 17 times in one day?

Congratulations, you crazy kids! I assume Susan will be the one cleaning the bathroom?

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