Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In Which Romeo Rose Gets All Butthurt With Total Strangers; Calls Them "White Trash"

At almost 20 minutes long, the latest Romeo Rose rant against total strangers  who supposedly wronged him when everyone knows he brings this all on himself, has all of the usual Romeo Rose rant against humanity elements:

1. Grandiose "I am Romeo Rose" announcement? Check!
 2. Announcement that his prerecorded video is coming at you live from Austin, TX? Check!
 3. All butthurt because people don't agree with him? Check!
 4. Lots of swearing, threatening, and supposed intimidation? Check!

5. "I'm Romeo Fucking Rose?" Check!
6. Insane laughter? Check!
7.  Tired old "Mess with the rose you get the thorns"cliche? Check!
8. Pretending to know more than everyone else about something he knows nothing about? Check!
9. Tired old filthy, greasy, leather jacket? Check!

More fun bits:

1. Talking about naivete and buying bridges after spending $1600+ on a general admission concert ticket.
2. Shitting on a rock star's house when this is where he came from and this is where he lives.
3. Citing "Celebrity Net Worth" as a credible source.
4. Comparing Steven Adler's net worth to Corey Feldman's net worth. Which, WTF?
5. Calling all GNR fans white trash. Which, of course, he isn't because he drinks Dom Perignon like classy people.

6. T-Shirts and Jeans are reflective of white trash. Which he isn't.

No one knows class like Romeo Rose. No one.

No white trash here...

No white trash t-shirts.

No  white trash jeans.

All class. All of the time.

All. The. Time.

Keep it classy, Larry.

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