Monday, March 28, 2016

Clearing Up Misconceptions About This Blog and Why We Do It

The other day we alluded to some interesting DM's coming our way on Twitter from people who want to feed us information about Romeo Rose.  Because of those DM"s and recent events

We'd like to make a few things clear.

1. We're not the original owners of this blog as much as some people insist we are.  We try to follow the same voice and tone of the original because we kind of dug it, but we're not the original "Juliet's Lament," "Jalamity" or any of those people. Unlike the original blogger for this blog, we're not looking for people to feed us information. We know most of you don't believe us on this, but we're good with you thinking we're someone else.

2. We only post information Larry himself - or others - have made public. Please don't send us his private texts, emails, and photos he didn't publicly share himself. If you blog about it yourself we might link to it, but we're not posting anything private.

3. We don't take it beyond this blog. We don't call Larry's place of employment and we don't wish to know where he works. We admit to lurking and blogging interesting tidbits here and there, but we don't make accounts at forums Larry belongs to and call him out on shit there. We don't send the police or men in white coats to Larry's home and we don't condone any of this type of harassment. We don't call his home, email abusive messages, or do anything, again, beyond blogging here. We don't private message him or post private messages from him. We do our best to keep a line between public and private. We know that wasn't the case with the previous blogger, but we are not her.

4. We don't like people trying to get us to do their dirty work. If you want people to learn stuff about Romeo Rose, take it to Twitter or start your own blog. Don't ask us to do your dirty work because you're afraid of Larry finding you who you are, or that you've been using him.

Why are we telling you this?

Because over the past few days a few people have come out of the woodwork to offer us personal details about Romeo Rose. We're curious about certain things (and almost took the bait), for sure, but if Larry isn't offering information for public consumption, we're not posting it here. We laugh. We rant. We roll our eyes. But we only do it with public information.

We're not out to ruin anyone's life, cause him to become homeless, or even lose his job.

We're not pretending to be innocent. We know our part. We know that by making Romeo Rose's rants, rages,  abusive and harmful behaviors public we're poking a bear too. We also know what we post here can affect his personal and public life as well as his career. It's not our intention to make it happen, but we're aware of what could happen. We don't think this makes us better than anyone else, and we don't pretend to be high and mighty. We're judged and we accept that.

Any questions?

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