Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Romeo Rose is Begging for Donations to Leave Town

With no obvious takers for Romeo Rose's dreadful angel shelf, angel collection, gaudy mirror, artwork or filthy jacket, Larry's furiously lowering the prices on his Craigslist moving sale, but it's to no avail. No money in the bank, no money for rent, no job, and no prospects, so Larry is looking for you to help pay his bills and get him out of Texas.

We'll wait while you take this all in:

Sad Romeo Rose is so sad....

He aint to proud to beg, either:

When you flag a guy who C&D'd your ass to ask for money, well, that's desperation.

If you want to help pay Larry's back rent, buy him a Greyhound bus ticket to Vegas points unknown, and fund his next few months of living, send money to his Google Wallet account. Here's your chance to keep Austin creeper free.

And if that doesn't work, who knows? Kickstarter?

Edited 3/31/16 - Video and Tweets have since been deleted. We'll move quicker to archive next time.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Clearing Up Misconceptions About This Blog and Why We Do It

The other day we alluded to some interesting DM's coming our way on Twitter from people who want to feed us information about Romeo Rose.  Because of those DM"s and recent events

We'd like to make a few things clear.

1. We're not the original owners of this blog as much as some people insist we are.  We try to follow the same voice and tone of the original because we kind of dug it, but we're not the original "Juliet's Lament," "Jalamity" or any of those people. Unlike the original blogger for this blog, we're not looking for people to feed us information. We know most of you don't believe us on this, but we're good with you thinking we're someone else.

2. We only post information Larry himself - or others - have made public. Please don't send us his private texts, emails, and photos he didn't publicly share himself. If you blog about it yourself we might link to it, but we're not posting anything private.

3. We don't take it beyond this blog. We don't call Larry's place of employment and we don't wish to know where he works. We admit to lurking and blogging interesting tidbits here and there, but we don't make accounts at forums Larry belongs to and call him out on shit there. We don't send the police or men in white coats to Larry's home and we don't condone any of this type of harassment. We don't call his home, email abusive messages, or do anything, again, beyond blogging here. We don't private message him or post private messages from him. We do our best to keep a line between public and private. We know that wasn't the case with the previous blogger, but we are not her.

4. We don't like people trying to get us to do their dirty work. If you want people to learn stuff about Romeo Rose, take it to Twitter or start your own blog. Don't ask us to do your dirty work because you're afraid of Larry finding you who you are, or that you've been using him.

Why are we telling you this?

Because over the past few days a few people have come out of the woodwork to offer us personal details about Romeo Rose. We're curious about certain things (and almost took the bait), for sure, but if Larry isn't offering information for public consumption, we're not posting it here. We laugh. We rant. We roll our eyes. But we only do it with public information.

We're not out to ruin anyone's life, cause him to become homeless, or even lose his job.

We're not pretending to be innocent. We know our part. We know that by making Romeo Rose's rants, rages,  abusive and harmful behaviors public we're poking a bear too. We also know what we post here can affect his personal and public life as well as his career. It's not our intention to make it happen, but we're aware of what could happen. We don't think this makes us better than anyone else, and we don't pretend to be high and mighty. We're judged and we accept that.

Any questions?

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Romeo Rose is Selling His GNR Ticket at a Loss

Over the past few days we began receiving Twitter DM's from someone who claims to be a good friend of Romeo Rose's offering to share information with us about his unemployment fraud, impending eviction, and desire to high tail it out of Austin ASAP.  Then last night we received DM's from a certain frenemy of Larry's offering us the same information.


If it is, it's the kind of coincidence that smells like a cross between something fishy and a rat and we're not taking the bait.

Now then. Where were we....

Oh yes, we're sure Larry is so very disappointed to put this item up for sale on Craigslist: 
(archive version):

I'd like to offer some advice to Larry as he finds a new place to live. Be nice to people. Don't make outrageous claims, or post racist or angry ranting videos. Don't take out Craigslist ads looking to pay women for kisses or dates. Just be nice. Because contrary to what you're telling others, Juliet's Lament did not ruin your life. We only shared what you publicly put out there. Shit went bad because you decided you had to be outrageous. We didn't force you to get women drunk or wear fluffy pirate shirts.

No one from this blog ever called the police on Larry nor did we rat him out to his places of employment. We never sent the men in white coats to check in on him, nor did we (or at least I - I can't speak for anyone who comments here) follow him to forums telling his life story.  All I/we did was take stuff he made public and put it on this blog.

Larry I suggest you look in your gaudy-ass mirror if you need someone to blame.

Have a nice fucking day.

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Romeo Rose Virtual Garage Sale Continues

Craigslist is a goldmine of fun lately, isn't it. Romeo Rose is continuing his purge of all the things so he can move out of Austin (or so the rumor goes.)

Romeo Rose is also selling his old Jim Morrison belt:  (archive)

 Want to see what it looks like on?

That is one well worn belt! And it can be yours for the bargain basement price of $125!

If we learned anything from this, boys and girls, besides the fact that Romeo Rose has awful taste, it's that he spends too much money on crap and wouldn't have to sell everything off in a Fleeing My Rent Sale if he had only spent wisely.

Also, this thing:   (archive)

He keeps lowering the price on his stuff, by the way, so you may be able to own something real cheap as it gets towards the end of the month. And speaking of the end of the month, we hope his landlord knows he's moving. Just sayin'...

Oh and speaking of lowering prices, the filthy angel shelf is now $225 -which was marked down from $250  before it was  marked down from $325.

What will we find next? Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Romeo Rose Continues to Sell Off All Worldly Possessions - You Can Even Own His Filthy Jacket!

Romeo Rose's Maybe He's Moving Out of Texas Sale continues. Twyla Durden's ever watchful eagle eye alerted us to the following items up for sale by owner on Craigslist:

Larry's filthy, greasy, brown leather jacket: (archive for when it falls of of Craigslist)

 Two words. Dry. Cleaner. Ewww.

Romeo Rose's  Grandma's collection of gaudy angels:  (archive)

Don't you even try to nickel and dime him on this, people. Romeo Rose would NEVER try to get one over. EVER.

Update 3/26/16 - Now asking $700.

Romeo Rose's ever present but never played keyboard: (archive)

Oh and a print of Italy. Get it. Romeo? Verona? (archive)

Update: Now asking $100.

Think of it as owning a piece of history, people!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Is Romeo Rose Making Good On His Promise to Leave Austin?

Romeo Rose is having a sale, y'all! If you ever envied his gilded, gaudy, decor and hoped to own similar pieces of your own, now is your chance.

As Romeo Rose's unique style can only be described as a cross between Liberace and turn of the century bordello, there's no mistaking ownership on some very special pieces. We spied the following awesomeoness on Craigslist:

Here's the archive for when it goes away. Look familiar? Would you like a few more angles to be sure?

Note empty Dom Perignon bottle for refilling with water to impress the ladies?
Note Romeo Rose's beloved seraphim angels?
Note filthy leather jacket and same old, same old long sleeved black shirt in the photo?
Note mess on the floor?
Note familiar keyboard on the floor?
Note familiar dark blue wall?

Who else could own this but Romeo Rose?

But wait, it gets better! (archive)

Isn't it exactly what you'd be expecting to see hanging on Larry's wall?

Hold on. You can't really see Larry's dirty socks or filthy apartment in that photo. Let's check out more:

I don't know about you, but I'd love to buy from someone who is living in filth and squalor and can't even put his footwear away to stage a photo.

We ask you, what does all this mean?

Romeo Rose is selling off his treasured possessions (which also included some of his beloved guitars). Since he hasn't been able to hold a job down for a while and the unemployment's got to be running out if it hasn't already, we're going to go ahead and assume that Larry needs money to make good on his promise to move.

Without any money or home,  Romeo Rose will probably disappear from the Internet for a while. But where will he go?

Back to W.V and Silly Girl? We think not. That relationship is over and is now restraining order history.

Back to his family in Columbus, GA? We think not. There's no love there.

Nashville? We think not. They're less tolerant than Austin.

Los Angeles? We think not.. Larry wishes he could afford L.A.

Staying in Austin? We don't feel like this is going to happen. Larry can't make a move in Austin without the whole world knowing, and he certainly can't keep a job there. Romeo Rose is over y'all, and Larry is out of money, luck, and possibilities in Texas.

Las Vegas would be our guess. Someone as flamboyant as Larry could blend in among Vegas' colorful community and he could find some low rent housing there. They have plenty of call centers too, since Larry's skilled in that career choice. He's heading there next month for GNR and we don't think he has the funds for more than a one way bus ride.

Are we right? Are we wrong? One never knows. We think Larry will lay low for a little while as he begins the familiar pattern of reinventing himself. Eventually he'll turn up again on a forum, Craigslist or dating site. Larry Busby, aka Romeo Rose, aka Jim Paris, and when he does we'll be there to say "hey."

Thursday, March 17, 2016

In Which The Internet's Loss is Silly Girl's Gain

OMG, y'all! Romeo Rose and Silly Girl are getting back together again!!!!

Romeo Rose laid on his bed, nasty feet on his wall, belly showing, and announced that he is leaving the web forever (again) because he's getting together with Silly Girl. Apparently she has been trying to get in touch with him for ages, y'all, AGES, but just didn't know how to find him beyond an old out of use email address.

Romeo Rose is that difficult to find, y'all, since he's been laying low all these years. A true hermit.

I mean, it's not like his other email addresses haven't been around for anyone to find. It's not like she could have commented on his videos or now-defunct blogs, or followed him on Facebook. It's not like she could have called his number or answered his Craigslist ads. No, Silly Girl has been out of the picture because she had the wrong email address.

I mean,  it's not like she could have filmed a video or created a blog or her own websites to reach out to Larry.  No, this one and only email is SillyGirl's sole means of getting in touch with Romeo Rose. We won't even try to give her credit for being smarter than that. Why should we, when Larry doesn't?

Oh Romeo Rose. You're just too smart for us! Way to go getting pretend back together with a woman who wants absolutely nothing to do with you. And to think all you had to do was to put it out there that you can't get a woman unless you pay her, and act desperate online. Who knew six years of presenting yourself as a rapey, mentally disturbed, depressed individual was such a chick magnet?

Why wouldn't SG go back to a man who put all the intimate and personal details of their relationship online?

And, OMG! Here's the most romantic part, ya'll!

This glorious, romantic reunion is happening in Las Vegas at the Guns N Roses concert! 

We hope Romeo Rose will come back and give us all the blissful details. 

For example, is Larry springing for another $1600 ticket or are they going dutch?

Will Larry take the Greyhound bus back to West Virginia?

Will he try to break his record of 17 times in one day?

Congratulations, you crazy kids! I assume Susan will be the one cleaning the bathroom?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Happens When You Respond to a Romeo Rose Ad on Craigslist

We posted here yesterday about a couple of Craigslist ads Romeo Rose placed looking for people to audition for his film make out with him:

Soon after, someone posted this: (archive)

It's been said many times and many ways, keep away from Larramie Busby, aka Larry Busby, aka Romeo Rose, aka Jim Paris. Otherwise you're opening yourself up to a world of harassment and abuse.