Thursday, February 25, 2016

Is Romeo Rose Pretending to Be Izzy Stradlin?

Does Romeo Rose ever learn? The Corey Feldman debacle wasn't enough. The Discovery Channel debacle wasn't enough. Now it appears he's posting on Twitter as GNR's Izzy Stradlin.

Trotting out the tired old "Dude, don't get too close" photos of him and Duff,  Larry as NOTIzzy is pretending he's the reason the band is back together. As if they have time to spend with the likes of him.

Is it a coincidence that the fake Twitter account happened soon after this blog and Larry's favorite message board posted about Larry's overpriced concert ticket? We think not. it's time for attention again.

Here's the latest stupidity from Larry. We even archived it for when he pretends it never happened.

It all begs the question: If Romeo Rose is the reason GNR got back together, why did he have to pay $1642 for a general admission ticket? #LIAR!

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