Tuesday, February 23, 2016

In Which Romeo Rose spends $1,642 to Go to GNR Concert Alone

You know what we love most about Romeo Rose? His ability to out himself as a liar every single time. We don't have to do anything at all. We simply wait for Larry to resurface and contradict everything he tried to convince us of in the past.

Not that we ever believe him.

We took some time off for a little beachy R & R, and when we came back Romeo Rose didn't disappoint. Don't ever change, Larry!

First, a little background.

Recently, Larry let us know he had two tickets to the upcoming GNR concert and planned to use one of those tickets to bribe some unsuspecting fool into becoming his girlfriend.

Shhh...just don't tell it's really him.

But first, he was going off to Mexico to find himself a wife.

Yet while he was supposedly in Mexico, he was making an appearance on a GNR board. Oh and look what we have here! He purchased ONE count 'em, ONE overpriced ticket to the show. Not only that,  but he used the name "romeorose" to announce it because no one will ever know that by "romeorose" he's really "Romeo Rose!" Gotta hand it to you, Larry. You sure fooled us!!

No sugar tonight in his  coffee. ONE overpriced ticket.

 Note price at top of the page. $1642.00 for a concert ticket. 

$1,642 for his broke ass to travel alone to Las Vegas.

Wonder what he sold to pay for that one.

 It didn't take long for him to get banned either.  But not before offering up a giant wall of TMI text that no one cares about.

 Dude. TMI.

Does the Greyhound stop in Vegas?

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