Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Before Romeo Rose Was Sleepless in Austin He Was "Alone in Austin"

Romeo Rose's has been lonesome for a long time, ya'll. Many people learned of his sad plight from his Sleepless in Austin website where he offered a $1500 finders fee for anyone who could hook him up with a longer term girlfriend. Alas, there were no takers. 

'Sleepless' wasn't Romeo's first foray in the world of website woman seekery. In true Romeo Rose fashion he had another website up a couple of years earlier. Apparently there were no takers there, either. 

We're living in a "pics or it didn't happen" world. So without further commentary, let's explore the awesomeness and TMI that is Romeo Rose's "Alone in Austin."

( Don't you hate it when you pretend your long term girlfriend is dead to try and get sympathy (and hopefully laid) and she comes out of nowhere to prove you wrong? Darn it, SG!)


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