Sunday, January 3, 2016

Romeo Rose Flounces From the Web (Again): Speculation Ensues

 Romeo Rose took a big flounce from the web last night. Not his usual "I'm disappearing and you'll all be sorry" only to show up five minutes later flounce, but a flounce that included removal of his blog and Twitter account, as well as his Google+,  YouTube, and other accounts.

What makes this latest flounce a bit suspicious is this:

 Larry has been rather prolific at the EDF forum even appearing in video chats. Yesterday he claimed someone posted as him but it wasn't him. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't surprise us. Romeo Rose often claims people are impersonating him and making up screen shots to incriminate him. This time, though, it's suspicious because of what he has posted with his flounce:

"Yeah I deleted the twitter and I am done with this forum as well. I got some bad news today. so I am done. and none of the stuff I said about MK was true."

A flounce. An account posting in his name but it wasn't really him? Taking back everything he said about Mackenzie Kelly?

Hmmm. Where have we seen that before?

Oh. I remember now...

Remember that time Romeo Rose got sick of Mackenzie Kelly effing with his head all the time and made a website about her?  It wasn't favorable and and the photos of her and Larry as well as his commentary wasn't befitting a City Council candidate. Anyhoo, soon after Mackenzie shows up at Larry's birthday party, (despite pretending she didn't, thank you Google time stamps) and soon after the inflammatory website disappeared and Larry's "Concerned Voter" Twitter account changed to a Bojack the Horseman Account. The speculation was that Mackenzie made a deal with Larry - she would show up to his "free cocaine birthday party" and he would hand over his accounts. Larry confirmed same later.

No one is saying that happened, but Mackenzie and her bestie Andrew have been making a lot of calls to law enforcement personnel lately. If something spooked Larry enough to take everything down and say he lied about Mackenzie, well, all I'm saying is that there's a pattern here.

 But if it did happen that way, and we're not saying it did, but if it did happen that way, this tweet that coincided with Larry's flounce would make a lot of sense.

Anyway. All speculation. Not saying it happened. But not ruling anything out either.

Other speculation:

- Romeo Rose was afraid someone at work would find out or already found out he's been posting his junk and making threats. That's if he really has a job.

- Someone hacked into Larry's computer.

That's all I have. Hit us up if you have a theory. Fortunately, nothing is ever completely removed from the web.

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