Monday, January 18, 2016

Romeo Rose Ends His Flounce - But He's Not Looking for Attention

Romeo Rose's latest epic flounce that really wasn't has ended. He's talking to the world but he's not looking for attention. We know this because he told us. Many times over.

Here are all the ways Romeo Rose wasn't looking for attention over the weekend:

1. Larry wasn't looking for attention with this rapey video where his newest name is a mashup of the Columbine shooters'names. So not an attetion whore-y move.


"Dylan Harris Teaches You How to Get Pretty Girls to Have Sex With You Free."

2. Romeo Rose wasn't looking for attention when he threatened a woman on the dating site "Plenty of Fish:"

Dude. Don't use a radio personality's name in your abuse unless you have a good lawyer. Which Romeo Rose doesn't. Even when he's not looking for attention.

3. Romeo Rose wasn't looking for attention with this appearance on radio personality Dale Dudley's Facebook page:

As usual, he's making friends:

 It wouldn't be a Romeo Rose thread without ....

4. Romeo Rose wasn't looking for attention when he went back to EDF to make sure everyone knew he wasn't there for attention. 


Welcome back, Larry! Flounce. Over!

Just don't get used to him hanging around. He sold his guitars. He's going to be moving to Fake Nashville now that he has cash.

Just one article? Last I looked the web is filled with articles about Larry Busby aka Jim Paris aka Romeo Rose.

For someone who thinks he's so smart, Larry doesn't seem to realize there are many ways to search for someone online besides Googling a name.

Despite people finding Romeo Rose every single time, no one will ever find him in fake Nashville because he's way too clever for that.

Moving on...

Nothing says "mature" like a 41 year old man who has to sell guitars to make rent and doesn't see anything wrong with this sentence: "Most of you are under 30 years old, pretty much anyone that young is a idiot."

Rome Rose is not looking for attention and if he was he wouldn't be doing it in the very forum where he spends all his waking time. That's not attention. It's just, you know, talking about himself.

A lot.

P.S? Romeo Rose is SO not in Austin.

There you have it. Romeo Rose isn't looking for attention and that's progress.

You know what else is progress? Almost walking erect!

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