Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Romeo Rose Doth Protest Too Much About the Size of His Junk

Romeo Rose, who recently ended his shortest flounce ever by not looking for attention, spent a lot of time online yesterday to share why he doesn't have a small penis.  He even provided pictures, links to resources, and everything. If there's anything we learned about Larry Busby over the past few years, it's that he takes his underused penis very seriously, and is willing to whip it out at a moment's notice for a public measurement, should someone question its length.

The Internet is no stranger to Romeo Rose's junk. He's shared it on many an-occasion, with little or no prompting. There's even mention of a fapping video, though we're happy it seems to have disappeared from the Internet forever.

Unless one is a partner in intimacy, one should never know details regarding penis size, girth, and nasty growths. Romeo Rose shares these details well and often and thus, Larry's penis should be easy to identify in a lineup. After Larry's most recent showing at EDF, the question of size came up and Larry was very happy to comply with a ruler. Debate ensued as to whether or not Larry was a little generous in his assessment of his member's size.

As always, Larry was happy to re-measure and discuss his research and how he knows his member is, indeed, almost 7 inches.

Romeo Rose, who doesn't have time for bullshit, was able to to take time out of his busy, unemployed, no social life to speak of, schedule to put serious time and thought into giving his failing wood proper representation. 

As you can see below, taking one for the team isn't easy. 

3 inches of stomach fat? Well, it's no wonder his penis difficult to locate.

Oh dear. The inability to sustain. Not very promising for a potential love interest, but very good news for his victims.

The important thing to remember here is that Romeo Rose looked up the correct way to measure his junk so he can prove length to a bunch of strangers on an Internet forum. He even carries around a lovely, red plastic ruler so he can offer proof as needed. Click here for the latest (NSFW) picture of Romeo Rose measuring his nasty peen.

The gags. They write themselves.

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