Thursday, January 7, 2016

In Which Romeo Rose Attempts to Partner With EDF to Dox "Juliet's Lament"

Romeo, Romeo, what the eff thou Romeo?

Apparently Larry's been trying to recruit people to find information so he can dox this blog's owner. Below are the highlights of a conversation he had with a member of forum at Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Is anyone else surprised Larry backpedaled in regard to pay?

 If you have to sell a guitar, you can't afford to travel.You're a broke-ass who had to sell a guitar in order to travel. Once the traveling is done, you're still a broke-ass who sold a guitar for a stupid reason.

If only Larry was subtle enough to pull that off.

Yet he  can't post in a single forum without telling the story of his life whether any one cares or not. (Hint:They don't.) No one cares about his pictures with Santa or his life with Scary Silly Old Lady Girl. No one cares about seeing ALL THE PICTURES.   But he posts them anyway because he wants the attention.

Then why does he keep going to forums posting ALL THe PICTURES and talking incessantly in great walls of text no one cares about.

Your online presence says otherwise. Hey, remember Yelp?

Not sure what problems Larry's referring to. I didn't repeat anything here that wasn't already out there.

The man who thinks Beavis and Butthead is quality TV is questioning someone else's maturity?

I'm not an expert in Internet trolls but I'm thinking if someone has a 20 year reputation for being a troll...

He's an asshole AND not all his dogs are barking.


I don't care if Larry has people on his side. Probably it's better if he does so he can learn social graces. It makes no difference to me one way or another.

I appreciate the props, but I can't take credit for this one. Larry was at EDF days before I knew about it.

Heh. Big fish? Someone needs to get out in the world.

If by 24/7 you mean when I'm not working, spending time with my family, or out having a life?

 Except the person who's doing all the work and not getting paid.

I know.

Which kind of contradicts this:

Who is this "we" Larry is referring to?

Someone has selective memory. Alice washed her hands of Larry after he sent her harassing emails. None of her advertisers pulled out. I don't know Alice, I don't hang out at GOMI, and she has nothing to do with this blog.

What the fuck clues are you talking about? Also? Wrong.

 I lurk but I don't follow Larry to forums and mock him. I have my own platform to do that.

He would be wrong again. This is fun.

Seriously, Larry? You're asking EDF to harass someone who has absolutely nothing to do with me? And you're not even willing to pay for it? You're so off base it isn't even funny.

I think you're a little off in your counting, guy. And what does she even have to do with anything?

I'm not "Jalamity" and I'm not the original owner of this blog. We've been over this already.

Which really isn't anything.

I'm flattered.

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