Monday, December 7, 2015

Romeo Rose's Latest Lie: He's Working on a Film Project With Corey Feldman

Will Romeo Rose ever stop with his lies and outrageous behavior? Now he's claiming he has been in touch with Corey Feldman and the two are working together on a film project.

Now. Romeo Rose told Dave of the Ruca and Dave show on his live podcast last weekend that Twyla and I are stalkers who lie and create false screenshots to make poor, defamed, Romeo Rose out to be a liar. So if you want to verify these tweets before Romeo Rose takes them down, head over to his Twitter. Because he will take it down and claim we lied. He always does. You can also see the archive here.


In case you were wondering. RoRo and Corey Feldman go way back...

Oh no he wasn't and KLBJ didn't host. The only person who showed up was Mackenzie Kelly and that was only so she could get him to take down the website her made about her and get control of his Twitter account.

And Corey Feldman isn't having it:

BFF's? More like BlockedFF's.

I have a new respect for Corey Feldman -who's always been my favorite Corey, but I digress...

The Discovery Channel called Romeo Rose out on his shit when he claimed they hired him to to lure women to his apartment audition women for a kissing documentary. You'd think Larry would learn his lesson by now. But he doesn't and do you know why? Because he's getting attention and no one ever follows through on their legal threats.

Now, Romeo Rose can go on all the podcasts he wants and say he's not looking for attention and he's just some poor, misunderstood performance artist, but we beg to differ. Romeo Rose is going full on with his latest cry for attention.

Cases in point #1

If Romeo Rose isn't looking for attention, why did he try to have another Redditt AMA last night? Hint: it didn't go as well as he planned.

As usual he offered "proof" that he was the real Romeo Rose. He'll probably claim we photoshopped this, but we can assure you we were home enjoying time with our loved ones and not spending every minute of the weekend online trying to drum up attention like Romeo Rose.

Case in point #2:

Romeo Rose started another blog here - we'll link to the archive rather than the blog itself because:

A - He likes to write outrageous things and delete them.
B. - We're not sending traffic to his racist, misogynistic rants.

But it's filled with idiotic ramblings that can only come from Romeo Rose.

Case in point #3

The Corey Feldman nonsense. It's still going on. Archive for when he deletes and says we photoshopped it.

Case in point #4

He's starting again with all his racist rants. He does that every time attention starts to waver.

Just say no to Romeo Rose. Until more people start calling him out on his shit, he's not going to stop. Oh who are we fooling. He won't stop anyway.

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