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Romeo Rose Admits to Using Many Different Names to Lure Women to His Apartment to Get them Drunk and F*** Them (NSW)

Romeo Rose or whatever he's calling himself this week recently gave a shout out, or call out, to Twyla and I regarding our blogs.  As he has no family or friends to spend his holidays with, he spent his weekend putting up audio to let us know how misguided we are. Except, it wasn't so much him calling us out as it was him going on a rant about being rapey and racist and other nonsense.

At first, Larry took issue with our saying we use our blogs to hopefully keep anyone  from falling prey to his kissing documentary and other ads used to lure unsuspecting women to his apartment. Larry showed us though. He admitted on audio that he uses a variety of names and situation to lure women to his apartment and he's not stupid enough to say he's Romeo Rose.

Well. He put us in our place, didn't he? Except not.

Perhaps because he realized he admitted  that he's a predator (and racist)  he removed the video. An alert listener saved it, though, and we have it for you here. If you decide to listen, do it away from the kids and office, it's NSW. Giver that I am, I took the liberty of transcribing it for you and sharing my own thoughts. It's classic Romeo Rose, folks.

You two people with your blogs about me, uh, you really are pathetic people, uh, to have nothing better to do than write these two ignorant about me with all of your lies and..and..everything else that's in them. Uh.  You know, uh, you sit there and try to say things like 'well, I'm just writing this blog to try to protect other people that, uh, Rome might try to lure into his apartment and whatever to try to kiss or makeout with or whatever.
Except they're not lies. All information shared here was found online or voluntarily given to us by people who know or grew up with you. We didn't lie about anything nor do we solicit anyone for information about you. It's all out there. We simply collect and share it here and let the public make their own informed judgement. 

Well, you see, the thing about it is, is you're not actually stopping anyone from doing that with me because when I place ads on Craigslist and other places and, uh, you know, frequent other chat rooms and things like that, um, it's not like I use the name 'Romeo Rose.' You don't know any of the names I use when I'm trying to get women to come to my house and things of that nature. You know I have all kinds of names that I use. So, I mean, as long as, I mean, if I use the name, uh, 'Whistlin' Willie,' for example (laughs), If I say 'hey, my name's Whistlin Willie, and, uh, I need you to come to my apartment, we're gonna take some photos and whatever' and then I get them drunk and fuck them, you know, I mean, if you Google 'Whistlin' Willie,' your blog isn't gonna come up. 
Well Larry sure showed us. Except he didn't. It's not difficult to see the familiar patterns of a flamboyant, six grade educated, racist, rapey, desperate 41 year old man. Rome Rose takes great pride in making sure there are very few people like him. Because of that he really can't hide because eventually people start to catch on that it's the real him. And because Larry is so public and has to look for attention all the time, it's not like no one in Austin knows who he is, along with the rest of the world.

But good for Larry for admitting on tape that he takes advantage of women without their permission. Because, make no mistake, getting a woman drunk and having sex with her means she's incapacitated and not giving permission. And it's on record, right here.

I mean, it's common sense. All I gotta do is use another name that's not associated with your blog or anything else and if they do Google it, nothing's going to come up about me. So therefore, ah, your blog serves absolutely no purpose as far as protecting anyone from me because as long as I use a different name when I go out and try to bring somebody back home then nobody's gonna pull up anything if they do do a Google search on one of my fake names that I give one, and, ah, you know I really don't know why all this interest in me that you have anyway, really, uh, you know 'cause the thing about it is, you know, sure, I'm a little bit extreme, and almost all of my views are, I like to go to extremes more extremes than most people will go to but if you, ah, really look into it you would see that I'm really no different than most people in the Southeast part of the United States. In the Southeast.

Larry really didn't really pause here but I had to put in a period and paragraph to avoid a long, unwieldy block of text.

And to address his point, all this interest in Larry is his own fault. He's the person who has to create a dozen videos to rebut a person who didn't agree with him in a guitar forum, or create - and publicly promote - fake opportunities to lure women into his apartment. If this was Low Key Larry who didn't have public tantrums, or spout racist comments to the masses, no one would care. But since he wants to present himself as "Romeo Rose: The King of Sixth Street and Performance Artist Extraordinaire," and since he has to call up radio stations, make outrageous videos, and be the front and center of everything, people are going to take notice. We're especially going to notice when you admit to luring women into your apartment to "get them drunk and fuck them."

Also, some places like where the Bible Belt is like Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and, uh, for sure, and uh, places like Kentucky, and West Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee, North Carolina South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, uh, you know, most, most of those states right there, most of the cities in those states, oh granted there is a few, uh, progressive cities, quote, progressive, quote, cities because  you know, I hate progressive cities, but there are a few progressive cities in each one of those states, with, uh, liberal-minded people, Democrats and such like that, but for the most part, those states that I just mentioned are very conservative, very right-wing, very Christian-oriented, and, and, very Republican for the most part with very old-fashioned traditions and values and that's really what I'm all about.  
Is Larry saying that beyond a few "progressive" cities, the deep South is made up up of backwoods racists? That's a bold generalization to make. The above is quite the contradictory statement. Being part of a political party doesn't make one a racist, and it's certainly not very Christian to be racist.  I'm not quite sure where the "tradition and values" part comes in.

Where does getting a woman drunk and having sex with her fall under "old-fashioned traditions and values," Larry?

When it comes down to it it's old fashioned tradition, morals and values. Uh, most, most of my, beliefs follow right along with this same thing that the people down in the South, people that like the Confederate flag like me and the other true Southerners in the deep South Alabama and Georgia, Tenessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, these, these places, right here in these, in these types of places, you're gonna see a lot of people like me. They may not all be as extreme as me, but they do share most of the core fundamental beliefs that I believe in. And, uh, and you'll, you'll you'll see that's basically all I am is a Conservative Republican.
Enough with the repetitious recitation of states. Let's continue to explore this "tradtion, morals and values" bit.  Larry appears to be confused about what values and morals mean.

Do they mean this? (NSFW  and disturbing, You will never unsee it so click at your own risk.)

Do morals and values mean this:

Or maybe this is what he means by "morals and values"

 Or this:

Is it "old fashioned" and "traditional" to mooch off of women?

Or this bit of NSW-ery:

 Oh wait. I think by "morals and values" he means this:

 and this:

I love how Larry helps us by montaging his ugly jewelry and ID so there's no mistake it's him. If there's no mistake, he can't accuse us of lying, right? Thanks, Larry!

and this:

Where was I? Oh yes, Larry's idea of "morals and values:"

I'm a white man! I'm a white, straight man! OK? All I care about is Me and being around people who are similar to me. At least in the same ballpark. OK. That means other WHITE people. OK. I really only want to be around WHITE people. And only really want to be around white, STRAIGHT people. OK. And the only rights I really care about is the rights of white, straight, Men, because that's what I am. I'm a white straight man. 

 Hmmm. Someone doth protest too much. I see very few straight, white men making a point of how they're straight white men. Like to the point where they have to repeat it over and over to get the point across. Why is so defensive and hell bent on making sure everyone knows he's a straight, white man? Makes one wonder...

I only care about MY rights and my kind of people's rights. My people's rights. Fuck everybody else. Alright? And, and, all that bullshit that you mention n your blog about "oh if Romeo would just learn how to be a good person and be a good, decent, nice person, then he, he could probably get a girlfriend 'cause that's what girls really want is, is a good person..." NO THEY FUCKIN' DON'T! Fuckin' women want a guy that, that's fuckin', uh, that looks good, that fuckin' looks sexy, and you know, has a flat stomach, you know, ripped abs, or big chest, or, you know, like a body builder or, you know, some rich guy, some body that has a very, um, symmetrical face that's what women are looking for. They're not looking for some body that's good just like I'm not looking for a fuckin' girl that's good. I don't give a shit if a girl just killed ten fuckin' kids or somethin' an hour before I met her. If she's physically attractive then I want to fuck her. It's as simple as THAT! That's really what it comes down to. All that fuckin' matters is 'what does she look like?' That's the most important thing. THE most important thing.
Let's be clear. We all like a little eye candy. All women enjoy looking at good looking men, just as men enjoy looking at good looking women. That's not up for debate.  Many people even date and marry extremely good looking men and women. No one wants to be with a tool, though.And if a rich or good looking person treats their significant other poorly, most likely that relationship will end. Because looks looks don't last and neither do six pack abs:

You know what trumps looks Larry? Respect and kindness. The reason Larry can't get a date without paying for it or getting someone drunk isn't because he's ugly, it's because he's not a nice person. He can't blame it on his extreme views because if he's (as he mentioned in the recording ) just thinking like everyone else, no one would be turned off by it.

 Romeo Rose can't get dates because:

  • At 41, he stills sees women as "girls."
  • He lies online.
  • He admits to luring women in his apartment to get them drunk and have his way with them.
  • He's too much of an attention whore 
  • He can't hold down a job
  • He's not a nice person
Keep placing those ads under different names, Romeo Rose. And keep admitting on tape that your intentions aren't honorable. The more people who know about you the better. 



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