Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Police Dispatched to Romeo Rose's House After Suicidal Forum Post

We want to start off by saying suicide is no laughing matter and all threats of suicide need to be taken seriously and reported to the proper authorities. Even if the threat comes from serial suicide threatener, Romeo Rose.

Before we get to Larry's latest cry for help - or attention, depending on who you ask - let's explore Romeo's suicidal tendencies and/or posts about how dead he is:

September 2008:

Also, 2009:


Oh and 2014 redux....

And then last night again - after posting yet another photo of his nasty junk on yet another forum:

Wait! What do we have here? Why it's Mackenzie Kelly who totally didn't date Romeo Rose!

What a good friend!

People like Romeo Rose are the reason no one believes the people who really do need help. And by dispatching police to his apartment, the correct thing to do when one is threatening suicide, they're being taken away from real emergencies.

Congratulations, Larry. You got the attention you're so desperately craving. Now please go do us all a favor leave the Internet

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