Monday, November 23, 2015

When it Comes Down to It, Romeo Rose is Still the Same Old Larramie Busby

Dear Romeo Rose, 

Yesterday you threw a "press conference" and no one showed up. It's unclear whether or not you really believed you had enough fans or interest to warrant an actual press conference but since you bought pie and punch, one has to assume you thought people would come.

Here's the thing, Larry. You can change your name and your "look" as often as you like, but that won't change your personality and how you treat people. Your calls for attention are so outrageous and flamboyant, people can't forget the original you, the real you.

Make no mistake, Larry Busby IS the real you.

Even now, Larry, after you change your name several times over everyone knows who you are. They know who you are because you can't stop screaming for attention. If you don't get your way you make videos calling others out in order to harass them.  You make up crazy, far fetched scenarios and expect people to believe them. You try to buy love, because after so much stupidity no one will give it up to you willingly. You think you are above the law, when the truth is the law hasn't yet caught up with you.

No one showed up to your press conference, Larry, because no one is interested enough in you to ask questions. No one cares about your kissing documentary except for those of us who want to discourage unsuspecting women from being taken advantage of. No one wants to kiss you even for $10,000 or be your girlfriend for $1500.

You can go away for a few months and come back with a new name and another new look that you'll wear to death but it won't change the fact that you're Larramie Houston Busby of Columbus, GA. It's not your name or your clothes that need a makeover, it's your entire personality.

Congratulations. You achieved one goal in your sorry life - you're famous. But if this kind of fame keeps you from having important relationships or keeping a job is it really worth it?

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