Friday, November 13, 2015

The Whereforart Archives: Romeo Rose Oldies But Goodies

For all who are looking for the older Romeo Rose content on this blog, you can rest assured it's not lost forever. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, nothing completely dies online. Here are some of Romeo Rose's greatest hits:

Romeo Rose's History

Random Comments, Archived

Romeo Rose is Not a Racist


Romeo Rose: Romantic

Romeo Rose: Public Figure

The Many Loves of Romeo Rose


  • Desperately Seeking Carolyn - In which Romeo Rose looks high and low for someone who talked to him. Women really need to stop doing that. 
  • The Crack Whore Incident - In which Romeo Rose meets up with a crack whore and her pimp, who finally lets him pay her to go down on her, and then leaves them alone in his apartment to rip him off.

Romeo Rose's Tall Tales


Romeo Rose and Former City Council Candidate Mackenzie Kelly


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