Friday, November 13, 2015

Romeo Rose's Dating Profiles Are as Awesome as You'd Expect!

Holy TMI, Batman! Romeno Rose has an awesome dating profile on OK Cupid!

Romeo Rose dating profile tip #1: Do share how you haven't had a girlfriend in many, many years, and you really wish you would find one soon. It's not a turn off, I promise.

You know what I'm looking for in a 40 year old boyfriend? Not stability. Not someone with a decent job who is making his way in the world. Not a house or a car. Not someone who is well read and well traveled. I want someone who plays pinball and goes to the park. That's says mature and responsible to me.

Tip #2: Don't worry about being contradictory. It's ok to allow your future girlfriend to eat processed supermarket meat. As long as it's not a fresh kill because that would be cruel.

Tip #3  Mention how you hate football. In Texas.

Tip #4. Make sure you talk about your high sex drive. Better get that shit out in the open now so there are no surprises later when your girlfriend can't keep up. I mean, who cares if she thinks you're all about sex and nothing else. It's not tacky to mention your high sex drive in your dating profile at all.

Tip #5 - List all your favorite movies. Ad nauseum.

Bonus: Show her your love of gourmet foods and fine dining!

Don't worry, ladies. He's not desperate!

 I mean, no one is ever turned off by a 40 year old man, using a fake name, posting all over the web how he's looking for a girlfriend. 

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