Thursday, November 12, 2015

Romeo Rose is Stepping Up His Attention Seeking

Romeo Rose is looking for attention.

Exhibit A: His "Lovers" film in which he and an unfortunate, um, actress, cavort with filthy shoes on Romeo Rose's satin sheeted bed. He's using the name Jim Paris here, but we know what's up, don't we Romeo Rose a/k/a Larramie Busby?

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any vomiting as a result of the above.

Beyond the predictable laughter that ensued, no one really cared. Poor RoRo had to step up his attention whoring with Exhibit B:

Here's a still in case he removes the video. Hint: He will. He always does.

Can't wait until The Cos' attorneys get a hold of that one.

Speaking of lawsuits waiting to happen, when Romeo Rose didn't receive enough attention with nasty soft core porn or allegations of Buggery by Pudding Pop, so he fell back on the old faithful, tried and true method of getting attention; he offered money he doesn't have for something that he can't get without paying someone.

I give you Exhibit C:

According to this person who responded to the ad, Romeo Rose claims the documentary is being produced by The Discovery Channel.

 Read the whole exchange. It's worth the drink you'll end up spewing all over your keyboard.

Because we're so sure The Discovery Channel would hire someone who has to pay people to kiss him to do a documentary about kissing. We're so sure the Discovery Channel would hire a misogynistic, rapey, desperate, liar who also happens to be the Austin Village Idiot.

Don't ever change, Romeo Rose. Don't ever change.

UPDATE: Well, well, well....what do we have here? It appears Romeo Rose's good friend Mackenzie Kelly ratted him out to Discovery Channel. Fitlove, what's good?

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  1. Good Lord, you couldn't pay me enough to kiss that horse face! That girl must be desperate for a little cash.