Saturday, November 14, 2015

Romeo Rose from the Horse's Mouth

Want to learn more about Romeo Rose? Twyla Durden gives up the goods at From The Horse's Mouth: The Rants of Romeo Rose.

Twyla takes a brave, deep dive into the insanity that is Larramie Busby a/k/a/ Larry Busby a/k/a Romeo Rose a/k/a Michael Valentino a/k/a Jim Paris, and holds him accountable for his wild claims and inappropriate behavior. As a former mayoral candidate for the city of Austin, performance artist,  and famous musician, the self proclaimed "King of Sixth Street"  isn't exempt from the scrutiny that comes with fame.

You don't want to miss

  •  The Crack Whore Incident - You know it's bad when even a crack whore won't have sex with you.
  • Joe Costello vs. The Vapid Volcano -  Romeo Rose participates in a "Man on the Street" interview and takes issue once his homophobic rants make it online.
  • But He Loves Animals - No he doesn't. Lock up your dogs, and hide your cats. Not even your goldfish is safe. Don't be swayed by his promises of take out lobster ravioli, that's just a ploy to pretend his into your Yorkie.
  • FFS. That is All - Go for the fun photo shoot, stay for the latest drama.

 There's a lot more over Twyla's way and it's too much to list here. Go on over and jump into the rabbit hole.

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