Monday, November 16, 2015

Romeo Rose Claims Funding for His Kissing Documentary Came From Government and Discovery Channel and Claims His First Victim

If you wondered how Romeo Rose is funding a "kissing documentary" paying $10,000 per participant, when he works low level minimum wage jobs (if he's employed at all this week) wonder no more. Romeo is getting his funding from a combination of scientific research, Government funding, and an advance from the Discover Channel. Or so he claims.

 Because we all know this is how documentaries work. Don't forget, folks, Romeo Rose is a special case and not at all like the documentarians who have to wait years and years for funding and research to come through.

As most women are smarter than Romeo Rose a/k/a Jim Paris, we're hopeful that very few have fallen victim to his latest desperate bid for both sex and attention. It's the few with a below average IQ who we're worried about.

Like this one:

And the gif for when he takes the video down as he always does:


Two words, ladies. Due diligence.

Two words, ladies: Due diligence.


  1. He got one whole girl for all this effort. Funny how on Twitter he claimed it was many.

    "So I auditioned a lot of girls today, I will be posting videos of some of the auditions in a few minutes, stay tuned... Romeo Rose"

    One. I do hope she's OK, and that for once he brushed his snap-on smile (though the rotting stumps underneath will give him bad breath anyway). Luckily people in Austin are paying attention again, and if they recognize this girl, they'll inform her who she's swapping spit with (ugh).

    Thank you for going where this Thing1 does not dare go--videos. I really hate his videos because his voice is so stupid-sounding and he has such an intense narcissist stare.

  2. This girl says she even consulted friends about whether this was a scam and decided it was legit, lol! I guess morons flock together....