Monday, November 23, 2015

When it Comes Down to It, Romeo Rose is Still the Same Old Larramie Busby

Dear Romeo Rose, 

Yesterday you threw a "press conference" and no one showed up. It's unclear whether or not you really believed you had enough fans or interest to warrant an actual press conference but since you bought pie and punch, one has to assume you thought people would come.

Here's the thing, Larry. You can change your name and your "look" as often as you like, but that won't change your personality and how you treat people. Your calls for attention are so outrageous and flamboyant, people can't forget the original you, the real you.

Make no mistake, Larry Busby IS the real you.

Even now, Larry, after you change your name several times over everyone knows who you are. They know who you are because you can't stop screaming for attention. If you don't get your way you make videos calling others out in order to harass them.  You make up crazy, far fetched scenarios and expect people to believe them. You try to buy love, because after so much stupidity no one will give it up to you willingly. You think you are above the law, when the truth is the law hasn't yet caught up with you.

No one showed up to your press conference, Larry, because no one is interested enough in you to ask questions. No one cares about your kissing documentary except for those of us who want to discourage unsuspecting women from being taken advantage of. No one wants to kiss you even for $10,000 or be your girlfriend for $1500.

You can go away for a few months and come back with a new name and another new look that you'll wear to death but it won't change the fact that you're Larramie Houston Busby of Columbus, GA. It's not your name or your clothes that need a makeover, it's your entire personality.

Congratulations. You achieved one goal in your sorry life - you're famous. But if this kind of fame keeps you from having important relationships or keeping a job is it really worth it?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Romeo Rose's Kissing Documentary Pulled From YouTube Due to Trademark Claims

Looks like legal finally got involved:

The video of Romeo Rose kissing a girl he already knew who auditioned for his video:

The video of Romeo Rose interviewing the girl he knew who wanted to audition:

And his original Kissing Documentary video?

Unfortunately he's still making videos for his nonexistent documentary:

Screenshot for when that one gets pulled too:

 Wear shoes next time, Larry. No one needs to see your cloven hooves.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Woman Who Auditioned for Romeo Rose's Kissing Documentary Looks a Little Familiar

So Romeo Rose is still insisting that Discovery Channel and the U.S. Government are funding a kissing documentary based on his scientific research. That is, if by "scientific" you mean putting an ad on Craigslist looking to con innocent victims into...ewww...making out  auditioning with Romeo Rose in hopes of being accepted for a part in the pretend documentary which will pretend pay $10,000.

If you've been following Romeo Rose's latest plays for attention, you already know he posted a video of a woman who auditioned for his makeout session documentary.

Here she is:

At first I wondered if this was some naive victim who wasn't aware of who Romeo Rose is, and wondered if I should try and find her to explain the facts of life. But then I realized I've seen her before. Hmmm. But where....

Oh yes, that's right. In Romeo Rose's bed. Over a year ago...

You may be thinking to yourself, but Dolores, even a Grand Inquisitor such as yourself can't make that determination based on a woman who is sleeping in Romeo Rose's nasty bed? 

I'll let you judge for yourself:

Coincidence? I think not.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Romeo Rose Calls into KLBJ, Lies Like a Rug

Dudley, Bob and Matt should have gone with their gut and refused to take Romeo Rose's phone call the other morning. By enabling him, they're encouraging him to continue to commit fraud and prey on women of questionable intelligence.

Go ahead. Give it a listen. We'll wait.

If you didn't listen,  the gist of it is Romeo Rose called into KLBJ to talk about the "Kissing Documentary" he claims is being hosted by Discovery Channel and funded by Discovery and the U.S.government. During the call, Romeo was asked about the voice mail message Mackenzie Kelly received from Discovery Channel claiming there is no Kissing Documentary,  and that Discovery received several complaints and is investigating.

Romeo Rose is Making it Up as He Goes Along

As usual, Romeo Rose had an answer for his hosts. He claimed that because he, Romeo Rose, had to sign an NDA,  he also requested Discovery keep mum about it and if calls the Discovery Channel to ask if they're working together the Discovery Channel is supposed to deny it.

Discovery Channel has an impressive legal team. They wouldn't flat out lie. If anything they would say they can't remark, or that they're not at liberty to disclose information about that particular documentary. BUT  they cannot lie and say they have nothing to do with Romeo Rose and his bullshit kissing documentary if they were actually working with him.

The KLBJ Morning Team asked Romeo Rose for the name of his contact at Discovery Channel. Of course Romeo explained that because of his NDA he can't disclose the name of his contact. He said he sends the audition tapes to his contact and she picks who should be in the documentary. 

Again, Larry, that's not how these things are done.

People, Romeo Rose has no Kissing Documentary. He's not receiving funding from anyone. Discovery Channel isn't working with him. He's committing fraud and conning women into meeting him to make out. For free. Eww. Someone needs to slap a C&D on his ass.

Update 11/17/15 - (a few hours after this post was drafted) - The morning team at KLBJ had another conversation with Romeo Rose and called him on his bullshit, and suggested he's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Romeo Rose in true Romeo Rose fashion is absolutely clueless. But good on them for calling him on his shit. Wish more people would. (Listen to the podcast here.)

In case you're thinking about auditioning and claiming your phony $10,000, consider some of Romeo Rose's past plays for attention:


Some of Romeo Rose's Past Outrageous Claims

Remember this gem where he claimed to have inherited millions from his pisspoor family and wanted to pay a woman $10K a month to be his girlfriend?

How about his claims of being Axl Rose's BFF?

Screenshots in case he deletes again:


Remember when Romeo Rose pretended to fly to Pittsburgh and buy a strip club?

 Remember all Romeo Rose's claims of being dead? Well, pretending to be someone else claiming he's dead, anyway.

Or the time he boasted about receiving a free meal at Sagra because he's  "Austin Royalty?"

Who can forget the free cocaine birthday party he said was hosted by KLBJ where only Mackenzie Kelly showed up?


(FYI: He didn't remove the claim).

Remember how he claimed all his outrageous claims and abusive behavior are all performance art?

Remember when the liberal women and feminazis drove him to a pretend, photoshopped Europe?

Oh and while he was in pretend Europe, remember when he had a pretend interview at a pretend modeling school there?

And speaking of that kissing documentary, the girl who auditioned looks really familiar....

Where might I have seen her before? Hmmmm....

We might be wrong but we're seeing a resemblance here...

Perhaps this above girl who was used to pretend shock people into thinking Romeo Rose conned a teen into his bed isn't the same person in the video. Her eyes are closed we can give her the benefit of the doubt. Everyone has a doppelganger, right?

If it is the same girl? She's just as guilty of fraud as Romeo Rose is and should also be held accountable for perpetuating the lie.

If the two girls are different, well, we hope they are seeking the therapy and medical attention they need after an encounter with Romeo Rose.

Romeo Rose lies because he can

Why does Romeo Rose lie so much? Because he can. Axl Rose isn't telling him to shut up. Discovery Channel hasn't hit him with a C&D that we know o. Radio stations are taking his calls, and he's getting press every time he does something like this. Why shouldn't he continue to push for attention when no one takes action? Why shouldn't he continue when people continue to right about him because he's ever so entertaining?

 Romeo Rose lies because there are never any repercussions. He is one lucky fool.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Romeo Rose Claims Funding for His Kissing Documentary Came From Government and Discovery Channel and Claims His First Victim

If you wondered how Romeo Rose is funding a "kissing documentary" paying $10,000 per participant, when he works low level minimum wage jobs (if he's employed at all this week) wonder no more. Romeo is getting his funding from a combination of scientific research, Government funding, and an advance from the Discover Channel. Or so he claims.

 Because we all know this is how documentaries work. Don't forget, folks, Romeo Rose is a special case and not at all like the documentarians who have to wait years and years for funding and research to come through.

As most women are smarter than Romeo Rose a/k/a Jim Paris, we're hopeful that very few have fallen victim to his latest desperate bid for both sex and attention. It's the few with a below average IQ who we're worried about.

Like this one:

And the gif for when he takes the video down as he always does:


Two words, ladies. Due diligence.

Two words, ladies: Due diligence.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Romeo Rose from the Horse's Mouth

Want to learn more about Romeo Rose? Twyla Durden gives up the goods at From The Horse's Mouth: The Rants of Romeo Rose.

Twyla takes a brave, deep dive into the insanity that is Larramie Busby a/k/a/ Larry Busby a/k/a Romeo Rose a/k/a Michael Valentino a/k/a Jim Paris, and holds him accountable for his wild claims and inappropriate behavior. As a former mayoral candidate for the city of Austin, performance artist,  and famous musician, the self proclaimed "King of Sixth Street"  isn't exempt from the scrutiny that comes with fame.

You don't want to miss

  •  The Crack Whore Incident - You know it's bad when even a crack whore won't have sex with you.
  • Joe Costello vs. The Vapid Volcano -  Romeo Rose participates in a "Man on the Street" interview and takes issue once his homophobic rants make it online.
  • But He Loves Animals - No he doesn't. Lock up your dogs, and hide your cats. Not even your goldfish is safe. Don't be swayed by his promises of take out lobster ravioli, that's just a ploy to pretend his into your Yorkie.
  • FFS. That is All - Go for the fun photo shoot, stay for the latest drama.

 There's a lot more over Twyla's way and it's too much to list here. Go on over and jump into the rabbit hole.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Romeo Rose's Dating Profiles Are as Awesome as You'd Expect!

Holy TMI, Batman! Romeno Rose has an awesome dating profile on OK Cupid!

Romeo Rose dating profile tip #1: Do share how you haven't had a girlfriend in many, many years, and you really wish you would find one soon. It's not a turn off, I promise.

You know what I'm looking for in a 40 year old boyfriend? Not stability. Not someone with a decent job who is making his way in the world. Not a house or a car. Not someone who is well read and well traveled. I want someone who plays pinball and goes to the park. That's says mature and responsible to me.

Tip #2: Don't worry about being contradictory. It's ok to allow your future girlfriend to eat processed supermarket meat. As long as it's not a fresh kill because that would be cruel.

Tip #3  Mention how you hate football. In Texas.

Tip #4. Make sure you talk about your high sex drive. Better get that shit out in the open now so there are no surprises later when your girlfriend can't keep up. I mean, who cares if she thinks you're all about sex and nothing else. It's not tacky to mention your high sex drive in your dating profile at all.

Tip #5 - List all your favorite movies. Ad nauseum.

Bonus: Show her your love of gourmet foods and fine dining!

Don't worry, ladies. He's not desperate!

 I mean, no one is ever turned off by a 40 year old man, using a fake name, posting all over the web how he's looking for a girlfriend. 

The Whereforart Archives: Romeo Rose Oldies But Goodies

For all who are looking for the older Romeo Rose content on this blog, you can rest assured it's not lost forever. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, nothing completely dies online. Here are some of Romeo Rose's greatest hits:

Romeo Rose's History

Random Comments, Archived

Romeo Rose is Not a Racist


Romeo Rose: Romantic

Romeo Rose: Public Figure

The Many Loves of Romeo Rose


  • Desperately Seeking Carolyn - In which Romeo Rose looks high and low for someone who talked to him. Women really need to stop doing that. 
  • The Crack Whore Incident - In which Romeo Rose meets up with a crack whore and her pimp, who finally lets him pay her to go down on her, and then leaves them alone in his apartment to rip him off.

Romeo Rose's Tall Tales


Romeo Rose and Former City Council Candidate Mackenzie Kelly


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Romeo Rose is Stepping Up His Attention Seeking

Romeo Rose is looking for attention.

Exhibit A: His "Lovers" film in which he and an unfortunate, um, actress, cavort with filthy shoes on Romeo Rose's satin sheeted bed. He's using the name Jim Paris here, but we know what's up, don't we Romeo Rose a/k/a Larramie Busby?

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any vomiting as a result of the above.

Beyond the predictable laughter that ensued, no one really cared. Poor RoRo had to step up his attention whoring with Exhibit B:

Here's a still in case he removes the video. Hint: He will. He always does.

Can't wait until The Cos' attorneys get a hold of that one.

Speaking of lawsuits waiting to happen, when Romeo Rose didn't receive enough attention with nasty soft core porn or allegations of Buggery by Pudding Pop, so he fell back on the old faithful, tried and true method of getting attention; he offered money he doesn't have for something that he can't get without paying someone.

I give you Exhibit C:

According to this person who responded to the ad, Romeo Rose claims the documentary is being produced by The Discovery Channel.

 Read the whole exchange. It's worth the drink you'll end up spewing all over your keyboard.

Because we're so sure The Discovery Channel would hire someone who has to pay people to kiss him to do a documentary about kissing. We're so sure the Discovery Channel would hire a misogynistic, rapey, desperate, liar who also happens to be the Austin Village Idiot.

Don't ever change, Romeo Rose. Don't ever change.

UPDATE: Well, well, well....what do we have here? It appears Romeo Rose's good friend Mackenzie Kelly ratted him out to Discovery Channel. Fitlove, what's good?