Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Romeo Rose is Back on Twitter and Looking for Attention

We knew he wouldn't hide forever. He might be a broke ass, sleeping in a bathtub mo fo, but if we learned anything about Larramie Houston Busby, it's that he can't stay away from the attention.

Yes, that's right. Romeo Rose is back on Twitter. You'll find him under the aptly named moniker @Pepe Le Pew.  At least for today. Romeo Rose has had about 80 Twitter handles since we met him.

Not surprisingly, he tweets about the things that matter most. Romeo Rose and Donald Trump.

If you tweet Larry give him some time to respond. He's probably fapping off at finally getting some attention.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Romeo Rose is Pretending to Be in Vegas Again

So remember last year when Romeo Rose spent an eventful night in Las Vega, sleeping in the bathtub and whining about his high heels? Well, he'd like you to think he went back to that big scary place where he's too frightened to even sleep in a bed.

Yes, folks. It's time for Larry to look for attention again. He uploaded boring videos from his Las Vegas trip, probably to make you think he's there again.  Unless he has another sugar mama paying his way, the chances of Romeo Rose scraping together that kind of coin is slim to none.

Need a snooze? Here are the videos. He wants to think we're interested in watching him ride in a cab or play pin ball.

We're not. We didn't even watch.That's some lame-ass shit right there.


The videos (posted last week) have about 5 or 6 views apiece.  Probably because they're not interesting.

Romeo Rose, it's time to get over yourself.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Romeo Rose Continues to "Audition" Women.

Well, well, well. Look what surfaced today.

Oh you poor, unsuspecting thing.

Women of Earth!! DO NOT AUDITION FOR ROMEO ROSE, JIM PARIS, OR WHATEVER NAME HE'S GOING BY THESE DAYS. He's a predator and just looking to get laid.

The content is kind of boring - Larry's interviewing a young Mormon woman and they discuss religion and family values. Here's hoping he didn't get as far with her as he claimed.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Romeo Rose's Awesome Cafe Press Page

Ladies and gentlemen, you too can own Romeo Rose memorabilia!!! 

Not just any memorabilia, mind you, but items designed by the man, the myth and the legend, Romeo Rose himself. Romeo Rose has a Cafe Press page where he sells two whole items featuring his likeness.

For a mere $13.99 you can own a Romeo Rose "Bluesman" Business Card Mouse Pad! A mouse pad! It doesn't matter than no one actually uses mouse pads anymore, or that you can steal them for free at the office. This is a Romeo Rose mousepad, ya'll, and who wouldn't be all over that?

If that doesn't make you want to open up your wallet, maybe this will. A Romeo Rose t-shirt! Now you can show the whole world what you think about Larramie Houston Goddamn Busby by wearing him on your chest. 

OK. The reality is that you'll never wear anything Romeo Rose because walking down S. Congress with this on is likely to get the shit kicked out of you, but it's worth a look anyway.

You can hardly even tell he designed them himself! Haha. I'm just joshing! You can totally tell he designed them himself. Such talent!!! 

"Coming Soon...." tshirts's of random guitar players sell like hotcakes. Haha. Still joshing. No they don't. They don't sell at all.  

If only Romeo Rose would add more designs!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016